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Metro Vancouver News’ reporter, David Ball, honours victims’ voices and interviews Carys about her reflections on the meaning of the offender’s full parole release and why she wrote her memoir, Dead Reckoning.


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“How do you bring adventure back to life? Adventure dies alongside those who it embodies, requesting, silently begging to be resurrected.”

“New nonfiction by Carys Cragg (TWS 2014) in 48 North Sailing Magazine.”

– Wayde Compton, TWS Director

The Writer’s Studio Director’s shout out for my new piece in 48 North Sailing Magazine’s January 2015 issue.

“A beautiful story, beautifully told, Carys. Having grown up with boats and the ocean as the daughter of a deep sea tugboat captain, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you.” – Diana Joy, Poet

Such kind words!